1. Remember that China is not a free country but one controlled by a totalitarian, ruthless and belligerent regime.

2. Speak out clearly when our principles, sovereignty, or national interests are at stake.

3. Remember that our national interests are not limited to economic interests.

4. Insistently call China to account on religious persecution, human rights, organ harvesting, the occupation of Tibet, and the repression in Xinjiang.

5. Denounce the claim that human rights abuses in China is an internal affair. Cruel injustice to any human being, anywhere, is our affair.

6. Require Australian academic institutions to honestly assess how Chinese pressure may be thwarting freedom of speech.

7. Refuse any extradition treaty with China while the Communist Party remains in power. Such a treaty would be used to terrorise Chinese nationals living in Australia.

8. Refuse to sacrifice our honour for profit; trade with China should not lead to compromising our values, undermining our democratic institutions, or selling our sovereignty.

Australia’s sovereignty is not for sale;
we will not compromise our values.


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